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Programme content

Kalbis business is a blended learning programme.
Kalbis business is a subject-related and specialized professional English course for people from all kinds of fields of work. The minimal level required to take the course is B1.

Learning material is compiled by the group’s instructor.
Most of the material is hand-picked from Cambridge University Press’s interactive learning system “English 360” and is compiled into an individual course. There are thousands of hours of material in the system. Every lesson covers training in each of the following skills – reading, speaking, listening, writing.

List of fields of work covered by the course.

Žiūrėti sąrašą

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Presentations
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resource management/li>
  • Business communication
  • IT
  • Business strategy
  • Transport and logistics
  • Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Medicine

The way of learning

We will analyze your employees’ needs and help you form a group with similar ones. After that, we will give every student their own account information, so they can log in to the online system and learn at their own pace.

We provide professional English teaching services of equal quality to those living in larger cities and to those in smaller towns. A business club is organized at the end of every course where students can discuss various topics from their field of work with a professional in that field.

Structure of courses

  • First of all, we test employees’ proficiency in English and determine each person’s level, and then we analyze their needs and form groups accordingly.
  • The assigned instructor compiles the course for every group. Every participant gets account information to log in to the online learning system.
  • Every 2 weeks, a group has a traditional lesson, given by a professional teacher. During these lessons, students improve their communicative skills using English. There are no grammar, writing and reading exercises in these lessons.
  • The Course moderator monitors each student’s self-study progress, answers all questions, gives advice and reads and checks writing tasks.
  • The Course ends with a Business club event.
  • The minimum duration of the course is 40 academic hours. Certificates are issued at the end of the course.

Personal commitment

Business organizations and government institutions invest a lot in their employees’ language learning. Despite the fact that organizations choose great teachers, provide great support and the conditions for learning, the end result rarely satisfies both client and course participants. Why? There could be a couple of reasons for that.
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The first one is insufficient participation. Training effectiveness is directly related to the effort every participant puts in – the words or grammar rules he memorizes, the number of exercises he does, the texts he reads or essays he writes.

Other reasons could include psychological problems. The course participant usually has a good vocabulary, a lot of words memorized, he is good at English grammar, reading and writing… but is just afraid to talk in English or is uncertain of his knowledge.

There is no opportunity to just “attend” the course if you are doing it with Kalbis. There are only two possible ways it can go. Either the student is fully participating in the process of learning, or he drops out of the process completely.

We aim to resolve this problem through the Kalbis club. We believe that the democratic environment of the Kalbis club and the fact that there are different people with different English skills can help to break down psychological barriers. We think that Kalbis is more than a learning process or way, but also a place where like-minded people can gather.


We invite business organizations interested in improving the skills of employees and improving the competitiveness of the organization. Our course is the best solution for those who know what long-term value is and do not like to overspend.

We guarantee that this investment in your employees’ development will quickly pay off because the system of the course and its materials will let them improve their general skills (organizing their work day, setting goals, time planning, computer skills, multicultural communication, etc.) as well as their language skills.

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